Crossbows have been inflicting serious injuries on more than just deer. At an alarming rate, crossbow users have been suffering painful and disfiguring injuries to their thumbs and fingers because of defectively designed crossbows. Numerous reports of shockingly similar injuries have been received from crossbow users - all describing the traumatic injury that results when a shooter unwittingly places their thumb or fingers in the path of the bowstring while shooting the bow.

Thumb and finger injuries caused by the moving bowstring are the most common crossbow-related injuries. Crossbow manufacturers have known about these frequent and serious injuries for years, but some have stubbornly refused to take appropriate preventative measures. The dangerous designs of certain crossbows set up a high risk of the user accidentally placing a thumb or finger into the path of the bowstring on high-powered crossbows resulting in devastating injuries.

Injuries resulting from these defectively-designed crossbows have included thumb and finger amputations, lacerations, contusions, avulsions (such as the thumbnail being torn off) and bone fractures. These injuries are always extremely painful and often result in permanent disfigurement.

Although some crossbow manufacturers have been proactive about safety with their latest models of crossbows, others have lagged far behind. Thousands of unsafe crossbows remain in the hands of users with the potential for an accidental thumb or finger amputation only one shot away.

Have you or a loved one been injured while using a crossbow?

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Have you or a loved one been injured while using a crossbow?

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